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Three Minutes on a Park Bench with: Janet Palazzolo

Janet Palazzolo
Janet Palazzolo
Coffee, quiet time and a constant reminder from that inner voice about not sweating the small stuff: Janet Palazzolo has worked out a routine that would be a winning formula for anyone in a high-powered job. 

We are also intrigued by that Grandma Pizza.

Patch: What's your morning routine? 

Janet: Coffee. I start with a cup of coffee. I like to check my work email to make sure all is well there. I throw a load of laundry in the machine and some clothes on to take my 15 year old Dachshund for his 5 minute morning walk. After we return, I finish my coffee and get ready for work.

P: What do you do for a living? And what's the best thing about your job?
J: I have worked at Wartburg in Mount Vernon for the past 10 years. I am responsible for oversight of their Lohman Village and Friedrichs Independent residences as well as the Meadowview Assisted Living. The best part about my work is that it makes a difference in people's lives.

P: What's the hardest?
J: The hardest part is the commitment. Most of us work 24/7 in healthcare. I become absorbed in continuously checking to make sure everything is OK and ensuring that if there is a way to do things better, i figure it out.

P: How long have you lived here?
J: I have lived in Eastchester for 19 years.

P: What's your favorite thing about living here?
J: Great town. It is small yet everything you need is right here. Nice people and the town is kept well. My husband owns a Bon Appetite Deli in town so he is close to home and knows everyone. My son had a great experience going through the Eastchester school system and playing baseball.

P: If you had to arrange a secret meeting here, where would you have it?
J: There is a little playground by Leedwood Tennis courts where I used to bring my son. I always found that to be a quiet place to meet. 

P: Tell us something about yourself that most of your neighbors don't know.
J: I am an introvert by nature. Although my job requires me to be social and around people all day, I need my alone time to refuel in order to do it all over again tomorrow. I am most happy alone and relaxing.

P: When you want a really indulgent snack here, where do you go and what do you get?
J: I am not a snacker but I love pizza. My favorite pizza is Polpettina in Eastchester.  My mom and I go on a Saturday for lunch and indulge on the Grandma pizza, extra sauce and anchovies, whenever possible.

P: What's the best piece of advice you've ever been given?
J: Don't sweat the small stuff. Never worth it. 

P: What are you doing after this interview?
It's Sunday, so paperwork and spending the day with my family. 

P: Thanks!



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