Mary Cain Takes a 4th Place at the World Track & Field Semifinals: UPDATE

Cain ran in the women's 1500 meters.

UPDATE: Mary Cain placed fourth in the first heat of the semi-finals of the women's 1500-meter at the IAAF Track and Field World Championships in Moscow. 

The results posted by the IAAF show Zoe Buckman of Australia first, with a time of 4:04:82.  Cain's time was 4:05:21. In the second heat, Abeba Aregawi came in first with 4:05:66.

EARLIER: The semi-finals in the women's 1500-meter at the IAAF Track and Field World Championships in Moscow are Aug. 13 and Mary Cain is in the race.

Cain gained the spot with a 6th-place finish in her heat on Aug. 11.

The Bronxville sports star is the youngest American athlete to make a world team.

"You never know where you're going to be years from now," Cain told Sports Illustrated's Tim Layden in July. "I have the greatest support team -- coaches, parents, teammates -- so I can still be around years from now. But it's nice to get on that team when you're running good."

See her stats on the IAAF's website.


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