Must Have School Phone Numbers: Eastchester School District

Bronxville-Eastchester Patch is making your life easier by compiling a list of must have phone numbers from your child's school district.

With Labor Day fast approaching, and parents all over the county scrambling to get everything in order for the first day of the new school year, Bronxville-Eastchester Patch is dedicated to making your life as easy and problem-free as possible.

So before you go diving into those dozens of papers you have pinned to the fridge, or go searching aimlessly around the web for that one phone number you just can’t seem to find, we’ve saved you a couple of minutes and put together a list of contacts you absolutely need to have before you can send your kids back off to school in a few weeks.

Here is your list of must have phone numbers for the . Check back with Bronxville-Eastchester Patch in the next couple of days for the Tuckahoe School District and Bronxville School District contact lists.


Main School Office: (914) 793-6130

This is the district’s main “switchboard,” through which calls can be transferred to any individual school or extension.

Health Office:

  • Anne Hutchinson School: (914) 793-6139 Ext. 5111
  • Greenvale School: (914) 793-6139 Ext. 5313
  • Waverly School: (914) 793-6139 Ext. 5509


  • Anne Hutchinson School: call Health Office or Guidance Office (below).
  • Greenvale School: call Health Office.
  • Waverly School: call Health Office.

Parents are to report absences daily using the phone number provided at the school their child is attending.


  • First Student Bus Company: (914) 668-2800

Cafeteria Services: (914) 793-6130 Ext. 4234


  • Eastchester High School: (914) 793-6130 Ext. 4248
  • Eastchester Middle School: (914) 793-6130 Ext. 4296
  • Anne Hutchinson School: (914) 793-6130 Ext. 5110
  • Greenvale School: (914) 793-6130 Ext. 5312


All Eastchester School District parents are reminded to please keep their emergency contact information up to date. If you have changed phone numbers or e-mail address, don't forget to let your school know.


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