Bronxville Schools' Safety Committee to Review Student Safety Procedures

The Bronxville School District's superintendent says that the committee will be looking at where they can make improvements in light of the tragedy in Newtown.


In the aftermath of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the Bronxville School District's Health and Safety Committee will be reviewing the district's safety procedures. The Bronxville School District's Safety Committee is comprised of teachers, board members, administrators, parents and the Bronxville Police Department.

"The committee deals with everything, from old issues in the schools to active shooters. There's lockdown drills and lockdown procedures. We meet monthly," said Bronxville Police Chief Christopher Satriale.

Bronxville School Superintendent David Quattrone says the committee will be looking at where they can make some practical improvements.

"We meet once a month and not only review recent incidents, but also do some forward planning in terms of how to improve things," said Bronxville School Superintendent David Quattrone.

The Bronxville School District's Safety Committee's next meeting will be held on January 9.


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