Bronxville Schools Help Students Deal with Newtown Tragedy

Teachers, administrators and the Bronxville Police Department are working with students as they come to grips with the tragedy that unfolded at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Bronxville administrators, teachers and the Bronxville Police Department are banding together to help students deal with the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School. One of the efforts was a middle school assembly that was designed to be educationally helpful and personally supportive of the students and staff. During the assembly, educators talked to the students about safety and looking out for one another.

"We talked about safety and to emphasize our responsibilities to each other as friends. We also talked about the importance of having a caring environment in school," said Bronxville School Superintendent David Quattrone.

Quattrone says that the administration made the decision to not have a similar talk with the district's younger children.

"The very youngest kids are not aware. We feel that those are family decisions. We have been respectful of the younger children and have not raised those issues," said Quattrone.

Bronxville High had a moment of silence for those who lost their lives in Newtown earlier in the week. In addition, high school teachers and administrators are making an effort to help those high school students who are having a hard time dealing with the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

The effort to help students, parents and teachers deal with the events in Newton began on Friday, after the tragic shootings occurred. A big part of that effort has been spearheaded by the Bronxville Police Department. The department's chief was on hand when kids went back to school on Monday.

"I greeted the elementary kids as they were dropped off, and sent them on their way when they were let out at dismissal," said Bronxville Police Chief Christopher Satriale. "We figured that on the first day back that there was going to be a lot of apprehension."




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