Yonkers Ave. in Tuckahoe Still Shut Down

With the project nearing the end of 2012, residents are still frustrated and officials expect at least another three weeks of construction before the Village may re-open the roadway.


This year will be remembered for many things in the Village of Tuckahoe but residents are losing hope that this year will bring the re-opening of Yonkers Ave. back to the Village.

"It's a joke already," stated Teresa Luero who is tired of the traffic jams and detours that she deals with everyday.

"These guys said the road would be done months ago and still were waiting and it will be a shame if 2012 comes and goes and Yonkers Ave. is still closed," she continued.

Karen Ashton, P.E., Project Manager issued an update to the Village on Friday, stating that the Army Corps of Engineers expects three additional weeks of construction remaining on the project and even that time table is contingent upon successful installation of piles which are being inserted into some of the deepest depths in the project.

Construction of the pipe pile/sheet pile combination retaining wall officially resumed on Sept. 11 and 15 piles have been installed to date. 

Officials stated that, "the four remaining piles are to be installed in the location of the deepest bedrock and consequently will take longer to install than the recently installed piles."

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This past week focused on the removal of the remaining existing casings that were previously installed by the first subcontractor and were removed without incident.   

Once all the pipe piles/sheet piles are installed, the Village of Tuckahoe may begin the process of opening Yonkers Avenue, which DPW says would take at least two weeks to get one lane of traffic open to the public. 

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WORDS OF WISDOM October 25, 2012 at 03:40 PM
This project just shows the extent of TOTAL incompetence, & widespread CORRUPTION in this area. The negotiation & execution of the Contract & Funding for this project was finalized with a Project Partnership Agreement signed way back on December of 2009. Now almost THREE YEARS later !, after additional studies & two CORRUPT contractor studies increasing the project expense from just over one miliion TAXPAYER DOLLARS, to now approaching 3 million TAXPAYER DOLLARS, including increases for the litigation with the 1st Contractor! You want to know why your Property & State Income TAXES are so high!? Ask your elected On-the-take government officials & corrupt contractors who are milking the communities dry & laughing all the way to the bank.
Josh Semendoff October 25, 2012 at 03:43 PM
Any suggestions on how to rectify this situation?
WORDS OF WISDOM October 25, 2012 at 04:00 PM
Sure, build up the Army Corp of Engineers & provide them with a Contractor Branch that will effectively & honestly work to start & complete the job On-Time & On-Budget. If the Federal Government can't find competent, honest contractors to effectively do the job then they should look to providing our Brave Honest servicemen & veterans with a job to do the job right.
Josh Semendoff October 25, 2012 at 04:07 PM
Well hopefully the timetable will be executed and 3-4 weeks of time will be all that is required. Unfortunately though there is now a 70% chance given by NOAA that we will be hit with a Cat1 Hurricane next week which will surely hamper work in the area.
WORDS OF WISDOM October 25, 2012 at 04:29 PM
Hopefully, the storm is a non-event or you can be sure the Yonkers Ave Project will be delayed with, of course, an added expense tagged on. The money lost here could be going to much more important things, like our educational system, our teachers, & our students. Instead it gets sucked up by the dishonest few in our communities & goes to give their kids the best education at the best schools & universities in the Nation. We have a Government funded Pre-K program in our community. There's a lottery to pick the kids. Guess who the majority of the kids that get picked are??? Those who live in Bronxville Manor & Chester Heights. The Joke is the Pre-K class is two blocks away from a very poor community. Guess how many kids from that area hit the Lottery? NONE! So, the Government unknowingly pays for the Wealthy's kids to go to Pre-K and provides no assistence to the poorer families who can't afford to pay for this type of valuable education.


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