Tuckahoe Officials Isolate the Power Outages

Tuckahoe officials have zeroed in on the specific neighborhoods and streets in the VIllage that are still without power, are you on this list?


The following is a post-storm status report for the Village of Tuckahoe written by Mayor Steve Ecklond.

After another long day of debris cleanup we are now dealing with the residual power outages.

Unfortunately over the past 24 hours we have had some new outages due to transformer problems.

Any resident who has a loss of power must notify ConEd via their website at www.ConEd.com or phone 1-800-75-CONED to get on their list.

I have spent most of the day working with our DPW teams and our ConEd representative to isolate and narrow down the field of outages to where I now want to list these locations.

As of 8 p.m. on Oct. 31 the following locations have been identified to be without power:

  • Highview Avenue, both sides, between Lincoln & Benedict Avenues
  • Henry Street, both sides, between Fulling Avenue and Winter Hill Road
  • Marbledale Road, both sides, between Lincoln & Stewart Avenues
  • Underhill Street, South side, between Wallace & N. High Streets

In addition to these grids, there are a few single home outages which are a result of service wires knocked down.

In the new age of smartphones I have found over the past week that even residents who are without power are still very active in communicating to us via email to send us and receive information.

I am asking that any residents, who have a loss of power and do not see their home listed above, please make sure you have notified ConEdison of your outage.  In addition please email your address to secklond@tuckahoe-ny.com.  I will relay this information to our ConEd liason working with us.

Even though Tuckahoe has been fortunate to have fewer power outages than our neighboring communities, I recognize that this is no consolation to those who are without heat and electricity.

The entire Village Board and I are committed to keeping the pressure on until we achieve full power restoration.

Thank you for your attention to this.

Steven A. Ecklond, Mayor


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