State Senator Oppenheimer to Retire

In a press release, Senator Suzi Oppenheimer let her constituents know that she's calling it quits.

The following is a news release from Sen. Oppenheimer:

State Senator Suzi Oppenheimer (D-Mamaroneck) announced today that she will not seek re-election this November.  The Senator made her decision upon recently learning that she will have to undergo major shoulder replacement surgery in 2012.
Said Oppenheimer:
“It had always been my plan to seek re-election in November and continue to serve the people of this district.  When considering my responsibilities as Senator, the extensive effort that will go into rehabilitation and physical therapy following my surgery, and the added work of the hard fought campaigns I always wage, it became clear to me that I could do only two of those three important tasks.
I want to thank the people of my district for the honor and privilege of representing them.  Wherever I go throughout Westchester County, I am buoyed by the well wishes and support of longtime friends and residents.  I have enormous faith in the people of New York.  If they are ever tough on their elected officials, it is only because they believe – as I do – that we, as a state, can and will be better.
I intend to make 2012 another productive year where I can tackle tough issues, move legislation and have an impact in areas where I have particular expertise.  I am most excited about being part of Governor Cuomo’s efforts to bring much needed change to Albany by reforming, reorganizing and making state government effective again.
By the end of this term, I will have served 28 years in the New York State Senate, following eight years as Mayor of Mamaroneck.  The Senate is an institution that I hold very dear to my heart, and I count many of my colleagues – on both sides of the aisle – among my closest friends.”
Senator Oppenheimer has always taken a bipartisan approach as an elected official. “I continue to believe that government at every level succeeds when we work together without regard to party to find solutions through discussion and compromise,” said the Senator.
She has been an outspoken leader in the Senate on a variety of concerns, including education, environmental protection, and issues affecting women and children.  As a former League of Women Voters' President, Senator Oppenheimer has long advocated for governmental reforms, including public financing of campaigns, open government at all levels and reform of the state budget process.
During her years in the Senate, Oppenheimer sponsored or co-sponsored over 300 laws, addressing such areas as education reform, the establishment of the Environmental Protection Fund, domestic violence, the open meetings law, and the needs of local governments and not-for-profits.
In 2011, Senator Oppenheimer sponsored more bills passing both houses than any other Democratic Senator.  She sponsored important legislation involving Westchester, including the landmark law allowing Purchase College to develop a senior community housing facility integrated onto the campus.  She also passed government reorganization legislation allowing the village and town of Ossining to merge their courts and thereby lower costs to taxpayers.
The Senator’s announcement acknowledged many individuals who have helped her throughout her long and distinguished career:
“I would like to thank my superb staff in the district and in Albany. They are public servants in the truest sense of the word and without their dedication and tireless work ethic, I would not have been able to accomplish all that I did.  Through the years, we have helped thousands of constituents with their personal issues, and we will continue to do so throughout the coming year.
I would also like to thank my husband Martin and my wonderful children, Marcy, Evan, Josh, and Ali.  I could not have done my job all these many years without their unwavering support and encouragement.
Most important, it is the trust, partnership and support of Westchester residents over the past 28 years that have made service in the Senate so tremendously rewarding. When individuals or organizations bring a problem to my attention, they open the door for us to work together to solve it. This is the gift that democracy brings forth, and it has been an honor to advance the issues and needs of families in Westchester on a statewide basis.
While I will be out of elective office in 2013 for the first time in 36 years, I expect to continue my involvement and pursue new opportunities to serve our community and our state.”
A date for surgery has not been scheduled, but is expected to take place early in the 2012 Legislative Session.

10605 January 14, 2012 at 06:00 PM
Thank God! She should have retired years ago. I met her recently at a school event in Port Chester and was horrified at how out of it she was. My wife could not believe this was our state senator. Can't we do any better, she asked? No, not in Westchester County, where any Democrat with a pulse will be reelected forever.
Bea Conetta January 14, 2012 at 10:17 PM
I already posted a comment on thedailyportchester.com regarding Suzie Oppenheimer's retirement. In it, I personally thanked her for her many years of service. When you get into the world of politics, you are open to all kinds of praise and criticism. Some think you're great and some find fault with everything you do. You can't expect a thank you for all you try to do. You can only do what you feel is the best for those you represent and get self satisfaction for a job well done. I think she has represented us well. I wish her well on her upcoming operation, and I wish her a happy and healthy retirement. I wish all of the nay sayers would put their efforts into doing something to better the towns they live in. It's easy to criticise, but a bit harder to actually do something constructive. Again, Suzie, thank you and enjoy your retirement.
Stuy Guy January 18, 2012 at 11:27 PM
Here's the reality. Conservatives in our society today are angry and mean about any Democrat. They have been constantly fed diatribes on talk-radio, and nowadays people read or see only the media that reinforces their position. You see it in the GOP Presidential candidates. Suzi Oppenheimer, and every other Democrat will be vilified by "10605", "Balar Gazor", "Ross Revira" and many others who share their beliefs. It is not enough for them to be conservative and to disagree on policy; their aim is to ridicule, insult and minimize those who don't agree with them. You can't expect to have civil discourse in so divided a society. You simply must go out and vote for your candidate and your beliefs, every single time, or risk, by fatigue with politics or resignation of spirit, the ultra-angry, ultra-conservatives taking over this land of ours lock, stock and barrel. And...sorry to report....the foot-soldiers who listen to Rush and Glenn Beck and Hannity are fronting hugely wealthy ultra- conservatives who can throw tons of dough at Democrats. The Unions' war-chest? A pittance in comparison to the Koch Brothers and the oil and gas industry tycoons. Citizens United? The death-knell to citizen politics. Government of the wealthy and angry, by the wealthy and angry, for the wealthy and angry.
Francis T McVetty January 21, 2012 at 08:31 PM
Can I hear an AMEN on that?
Francis T McVetty January 21, 2012 at 08:49 PM
Stuy Guy, what the hell planet are you living on? [The Unions' war-chest? A pittance in comparison to the Koch Brothers and the oil and gas industry tycoons.} Do you really believe that statement? If you do you, are certainly naive. I'm surprised you didn't read down the talking points card and mentioned 'the tea party". Must have missed that one. You may also want to look at the democrats in regard to wealth.You maybe surprised for they are well healed. I also see you missed mentioning George Soros and mark Cubin and several other wealthy left wingers. Like the man who owns progressive insurance company. Don't come to this forum with your class warfare crap. It is the entrepreneur that has made this country. They fuel the furnaces of financial progress. The government only makes it more difficult for them to do what they do. A socialist has no business being the President of a country that has a capitalistic economy. The people made a big mistake in November of 08. I hope now they can see that he was NOT "the one". He did say he was going to change America, and he certainly has. Ask yourself in November, are you better of today than you were 4 years ago. If you can honestly say yes, then pull the lever for him. Good bye Suzi enjoy your retirement. Hope your investments hold out.


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