New Castle Town Board to Vote on 2013 Budget

The proposed 2013 for the Town of New Castle has a 2.14-percent tax levy increase but stays with the cap due to exemptions, while the tax rate is about 3.25 percent.

Members of New Castle's Town Board are slated tonight to vote on adopting a 2013 budget, according to its meeting agenda, one that complies with the tax levy cap.

The proposed budget is $35,923,988 and has a tax levy, or total amount of tax levy, of $19,752,495. The levy amount is roughly 2.14-percent increase from the year before, according to Town Administrator Penny Paderewski. Although the tax levy cap is the lesser of the inflation rate of 2 percent, the town complies because of exemptions such as growth factor that is applied to account for a monetary change in the town's tax base.

“So we're well within our cap," she said at a recent budget hearing.

The tax rate, which is the amount that a property owner pays per $1,000 of its assessed value, is slated to rise by about 3.25 percent. 

The average New Castle home has an assessment of $172,309, Paderewski said, which would translate to a town tax bill of $2,354.65. Most of the average annual tax bill goes to school taxes, she said, while a relatively small portion - it's 10-15 percent, depending on if special districts are counted - goes to the town.

To read more about the budget, click here for details. 

Michele December 11, 2012 at 11:49 PM
Two thirds of your tax bill goes to school taxes. Something is wrong with that.
Tom Auchterlonie December 12, 2012 at 12:07 AM
From my experience having covered both the town and school budget processes, I can understand why. The Chappaqua school district's staff size is much more than the town's - this includes teachers and support staff - which means higher salary and benefits costs. The school district also has more in the way of physical plant, given it has five schools plus the education center.
mike December 13, 2012 at 11:57 AM
very wrong ! 180 days of work a high median income pay and a pension plan that , when it tanks is refilled by taxing the community. And the taxes go to salaries and benefits not to maintenance. And the fields the school has are rented by the town. we don't own them and on and on


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