Large 'Welcome to Chatsworth' Sign Planned for De Soto Avenue

Design wins preliminary approval of Land Use Committee.

The design of a new "Welcome to Chatsworth" sign won approval Thursday at the monthly meeting of the Land Use Committee of the Chatsworth Neighborhood Council.

The sign, to be erected by the Sierra Canyon School, had been promised during the planning stages for the private high school built at 20801 Rinaldi Street.

If approved by the full Neighborhood Council board in December, the 12-foot by 6-foot sign will be placed near the intersection of De Soto Avenue and Rinaldi Street by the high school athletic field. There is a smaller welcome sign at the Chevron station at Devonshire Street and Topanga Canyon Boulevard.

The new sign will consist of a three-foot masonry wall constructed of local rocks and stones. Above that will be a brown wooden wall with nine-inch high lettering and a stylized stage coach and horses logo.

The logo pays tribute to both the equestrian lifestyle and the Western history of Chatsworth, as well as the school, Sierra Canyon School representatives said.

Once approved, the sign will be built in early 2013, they said.

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Paul Smith November 17, 2012 at 12:13 AM
I hope no tax money is being wasted on this. Good thing it says welcome to Chatsworth otherwise I would think I was at a Wells Fargo Bank.
Saul Daniels November 17, 2012 at 12:27 AM
Paul, This is a private project on private school property.
Jo November 18, 2012 at 02:16 AM
If Tax dollars were being used for such signs, that would be far better than the way LA City wastes our tax dollars now. Most normal towns have signs that say Welcome to... Check out Santa Clarita, Winnetka, Thousand Oaks, etc. It is sad that when we get off the 118 freeway all we see heading south are 7 ugly weed infested, brown medians with no welcome sign. How sad. That seems like a basic thing LA City would have installed. But oh no, they won't even repair the sprinkler system there so it turns into an ugly dust bowl all along there. The City said it would cost $400,000 to repair the sprinklers so they won't because lavish pensions are the City's priority. 3 years from now LA City will use almost half of its budget just for pensions!!! What an outrage. Meanwhile LA City budgeted ZERO for sidewalk repairs and ZERO for tree pruning. They only provide those services when someone falls on a sidewalk or when tree branches block streets, emergencies only. The pine trees all over Northridge are dying from bark beetles that go from tree to tree and the best way to eradicate is to cut down dead and dying trees, but there's no budget for that so eventually all the pines will die. Very sad. LA City SHOULD spend tax dollars on welcome signs. All normal towns have welcome signs. Neighborhood Councils should spend funds on permanent beautification projects not one-day events with silly give-aways like mugs, pens and flashlights. NCs waste our $40k per year on silly stuff.
sara November 19, 2012 at 06:05 PM
I think the sign they have chosen should be reevaluated. It does look like an ad for Wells Fargo Bank as another commented. How about a smaller sign to start out with and then one that would reflect the gorgeous rock formations we have off Topanga. A few cowboys on horses, citrus trees that our area has and is so well known for. So much more than a stage coach and horses. The existing sign is Very boring and not very significant for our community


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