Con Ed. Updates for Bronxville

Mayor Marvin updates residents on the power conditions in the Village and when restorations can be expected.


The following was written by Bronxville Mayor Mary C. Marvin.

Con Ed has reported to us that progress is being made in the restoration of power in Bronxville and Westchester.

In Westchester power has so far been restored to approximately 62,000 residents, 30,000 of them today.  

50 new crews will be available to work on restoration this weekend and we anticipate that Bronxville will have additional crews working in the Village.  

However, the three hospitals, nursing homes, over 140 schools and 100 polling places in the County remain the priority for Con Edison.

We have had progress in the Village, though over 90% of the residences remain without power.  

All down live wires have been cleared, Bronxville School opened this morning and we are working to get the power in the Library on.  

With the safety issues resolved, the crews are working on power restoration and pockets of the Village are being returned to service.

We have been advised that all three of the feeders that power the Village are now in working order and this makes the restoration process less difficult.  

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There are, however, issues where there has been significant damage to wires and poles that will take more time to repair.  Particularly hard hit are stretches of Masterton, Sunny Brae and Valley.

In the interim, if you have not called in your outage, please call 1-800-75ConEd and report it using the automated system.  

Additionally, if your power has come on and then you lose it again, you should call Con Edison again to notify them.

Mayor Mary C. Marvin

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