Bronxville-Tuckahoe-Eastchester Schools' State Aid Bump

The three school districts will see an increase in funding from the State of New York.

The Tuckahoe, Bronxville and Eastchester school districts are going to get a bit more cash for their 2013-2014 school year from the State of New York. The additional cash is due to lawmakers' new budget, which was recently passed.

Bronxville is set to get about $39,000 more in cash from the State of New York. That adds up to a total of about $2 million for Bronxville, which is nearly a 2% increase from last year.

In Eastchester, the School District will get more than $150,000 in additional state funds when compared to last year. That breaks down to a nearly 6% increase from 2012-2013. The total amount of State aid for Eastchester now totals more than $4 million.

Tuckahoe will see an increase of 4.5% in state aid, for a total of about $2 million for 2013-2014.

The new State of New York spending plan increases funding for state schools by $55 million, which works out to a total of $1.9 billion for the Empire State.

“The budget is about three things,” Cuomo said, according to Buffalo News' Jane Kwiatkowski. “It’s about helping your family. It’s about creating jobs, and it’s about increasing education. It starts with the family because this budget recognizes the economic pressures that families in this state are under. Talking about economic cycles, we’ve been down for a long, long time."

Cuomo says the new budget focuses on improved student performance and accountability.


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