[UPDATE] Police Investigating Overnight Attack at Retirement Home

Bomb squad unit called to The Osborn after intruder confronts resident.


UPDATE (10:30 A.M.) - Police are looking for a man dressed in dark clothing who attacked a woman in her apartment.


Rye police this morning are investigating an overnight incident at retirement community, in which an intruder confronted and injured a resident.

In addition to police from Rye, the investigation included the bomb squad from Westchester County Police.

Police said it appears a 72-year-old resident was attacked and injured at around 2:15 a.m., with the intruder leaving behind a suspicious object in a bag that prompted the call for the bomb squad.

The investigation is ongoing. Rye police said no one has been arrested yet in connection with the incident and that they are searching for a man who was dressed in dark clothing.

Rye police said security staff at The Osborn alerted them to the incident this morning. Police believe the intruder entered the complex at an entrance near a garage.

The incident prompted an evacuation of residents in other nearby units at the complex, but the evacuation is over and residents have been allowed to return home.

Inside the retirement home, police said the victim left her bedroom and found a man in a hallway of her apartment. The victim told police the man had a kitchen knife.

Police said the victim was assaulted and was taken to Greenwich (CT) Hospital this morning for treatment of facial injuries.

During the investigation, police said the found a cylindrical object in a bag that was apparently dropped by the intruder. Because of the nature of the object, which had a string attached to it, police said they called in the bomb squad to assist.

Nothing appears to have been stolen in the incident, police said.


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