Police Investigate Death of Baby

Various agencies are investigating the death of a six-month baby on New Year's Day, though police say the baby apparently died of natural causes.

On New Year's Day at 9:13 p.m. Phelps Memorial Hospital's emergency room administrator called Sleepy Hollow Police Department reporting that a six-month-old was brought into the hosptal in cardiac arrest and subsequently passed away.

A Phelps physician asked to speak with police regarding this incident. A Sleepy Hollow police officer and detective went to Phelps but determined that the incident occurred within the village of Ossining.

Sleepy Hollow Police contacted Ossining PD, who said they would follow up with their own detective division investigation. 

Sleepy Hollow Chief Gregory Camp had no further information on the case and said the parents are not village residents.

Ossining police report that the baby apparently died of natural causes, though police, the Medical Examiner's Office and the District Attorney's Office continue to investigate.


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