Peekskill Police Officer One of 2 Killed in Goshen Car Crash

Peekskill Officer Julian Hermosillo, 29, of Orange County, was declared dead at the scene Sunday night after he was injured during a head-on collision.

A Peekskill police officer was one of two people who died Sunday night after he crashed his Jeep Wrangler into an Audi on Route 17 in the Village of Goshen.

Julian Hermosillo, 29, of Chester, was declared dead at the scene after he was injured on Route 17, near Exit 122A in Orange County, according to state police. Giuseppa Avanzato, 90, Oneonta, Otsego, died later in Orange Regional Medical Center from internal injuries she suffered while riding in a rear passenger seat of the Audi.

The accident happened at about 8:41 p.m. when Hermosillo, who was off-duty at the time, was travelling east in a 1994 Jeep Wrangler when he lost control of his vehicle and crossed over the guiderail into the westbound lane.

Hermosillo then collided with a 2011 Audi driven by Vincenzo Avanzato, 57, of Oneonta. Avanzato and his family were heading home from Connecticut, according to state troopers.

Vincenzo Avanzato is currently recovering from his injuries at the critical care unit of the Orange Regional Medical Center. Two other passengers in the Audi, Ruth Avanzato, 56, and Marco Lelli, 19, were treated at the hospital and released.

Peekskill police Sgt. Raymond Henderlong said troopers stopped by the police headquarters Sunday night to inform the department of Hermosillo’s death.

 “The troopers were extremely respectful and they deserved to be praised for doing that for us,” Henderlong said.

Hermosillo transferred from the Wallkill police department more than two years ago. He was recognized earlier this year for performing CPR on a man and saving his life.

“He was an extremely nice guy and he always had a smile on his face,” Henderlong said of Hermosillo. “He was very well respected. Not only in this department, but outside as well.”

Henderlong said that Hermosillo’s family resided in California and funeral arrangements are still being worked out.

Henderlong said the department lost another officer in 1997 when Michael Neuner, who also volunteered as a firefighter in Brewster, died while fighting a fire.

“We’re a small department and we’re like a family,” Henderlong said. ‘Unfortunately, some of the things we deal with are hard to think about all of the time, but we also have to look at some of the good things that we’ve done to save lives. We have to remember the good and know that we have helped bring joy to people’s lives.”

The accident remains under investigation.

Mel January 03, 2013 at 01:59 PM
You have no life stephany! 519 in the morning and your worried about knowing what happened. Why don't you just take your lazy & selfish self down to the SP barracks tell them ur the person with no life that's making a big fuss over this incident and foil the reports. You are a disgrace to the human kind, get over it and move on, just like the friends and family are trying to do. Why don't you call the reporter and tell him don't write articles if he's not going to follow up on them. Get a life and let this go. Find something constructive to do with your time then creating more grief for his friends and family.
Seany January 03, 2013 at 03:09 PM
Stephany, let it go. You are beings crusader for the cause. The families involved have resolved it! You are NOT family!! There for IT IS NOT YOUR DAMN BUSSINESS.
JM Butler January 03, 2013 at 03:37 PM
T and Mel - don't give that idiot stephany any more of your time. Julian was a great guy and now he's gone. Stepheny is obviously a cop-hater and I can't wait til karma finds its way back to him/her/it (whatever stepheny is). I'm not going to give that IDIOT one more ounce of my time. Nor should you.
stephany January 10, 2013 at 04:37 AM
coming up on 2 months and counting. no news is very suspicious. how much has the taxpayer forked out for this alleged investigation. is there any proof at all that any at all was investigated, any trail,,a piece of paper, a file,anything at all btw jmbutless "Julian was a great guy and now he's gone" uhhh there is also a woman gone and missed and his car that he was driving killer her one would think even the cops would want to know why "he" was dead at least. everyone knows they don't care about Giuseppa Avanzato, 90 who was just not mentioned by jmbutless. is it that she was 90 or that she was not a cop.I think we all know the answer
stephany April 26, 2013 at 03:41 AM
Any updates on this, like a report


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