New Round of Eastchester-Bronxville Car Break-ins

There have been an unsettling number of car break-ins in the Eastchester-Bronxville area, including an incident involving a car that was stripped in a private garage.

Eastchester's Finest are joining the Bronxville Police Department in warning people here about a slew of recent car break-ins. Most of the incidents involved cars that were left unlocked.

The Eastchester Police Department says the most recent larcenies have occurred in the southern end of the Town, specifically the California and New Rochelle Road corridors.

"The Eastchester Police Department encourages all residents to lock their vehicles and remove all valuable items whenever the vehicles are unattended. Targeted items are laptops, GPS units, radar detectors, brief cases, pocketbooks, loose money, etc," said Eastchester's Finest in a police alert email to everyone who lives in the Town.

One of the most astonishing incidents in our area involved brazen criminals taking the hood, bumper and other items off a car that was parked in a Bronxville garage. Investigators say the theft happened inside the Stoneleigh Plaza garage, sometime between February 19 and the 22nd.

The 2003 Nissan Maxima's headlights, front bumper, hood, side moldings and gear shift knob were stolen. In addition, the thieves also took $200 out of the car, a GPS and portable battery charger.

Bronxville's Finest are still investigating three car break-ins in the Village. Two of the of the most recent break-ins involved cars that were unlocked. Police continue to encourage people in Bronxville to lock their cars, but the most recent break-ins prove that everyone isn't listening to their warning.

On February 24, someone rummaged through a 2001 Audi and 2006 Land Rover that were parked on Sturgis Road overnight. While the suspect or suspects did rifle though the vehicles, nothing was stolen. Bronxville Police say the vehicles were unlocked and the alarms were unarmed.

An overnight incident happened on Sunnybrae Place on February 26. Investigators say someone rummaged through a Dodge Caravan, but nothing was reported missing.

Another break-in happened on March 2 on Plateau Circle East. Someone went into a 2007 Mercedes Benz during the overnight hours and stole $27. Not only was that vehicle unlocked, but the car alarm was also not armed, according to police.

The break-ins comes on the heels of a ransacking incident involving three vehicles in the Village. Authorities say the three vehicles, parked in the driveway of a home on Sunnybrae Place, were rifled through sometime between 7 p.m. Monday and 7:45 a.m. on February 19.

The three vehicles that were ransacked were a 2011 Volkswagen Golf, 2003 Toyota Tacoma and a 2009 Jeep Cherokee. Police say that the car, tuck and SUV were all unlocked. Police say that credit cards, personal information and $180 sunglasses were stolen.

Back in June, there were several car break-in on Greenfield, Oriole and Tanglewylde Avenues.

Jay Wilson March 21, 2013 at 08:32 PM
It's unfortunate that Eastchester and Bronxville police need to waste time on these incidents. They've been warning residents for years about locking cars - it's not a tough concept, people.


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