Eastchester-Pelham Manor Burglary Bust

Police say two men were involved in two separate burglaries in both Eastchester and Pelham Manor.

Investigators say they have arrested two men who are responsible for multiple burglaries in Pelham and Eastchester, according to lohud. Juan Hernandez-Moncada, 29, and Anderson Moncada-Borja, 24, face burglary charges in connection with the two break-in incidents.

Police say the latest burglary happened on Pelham Manor's Manor Lane in January. Previously, the two men from Queens were charged with burglary after an attempted break-in in Eastchester, according to investigators. Police say that during the Eastchester break-in, police say the two had to be chased down by police after they responded to the attempted break-in.

Eastchester Police Chief Alfred Mosiello is calling the two men a "burglary crew." Chief Mosiello believes that the men from Queens could be to blame for additional break-ins that happened late last year.


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