Crack Cocaine Arrests in Tuckahoe

Authorities say that people in the neighborhood had been telling them that the two men were possibly dealing drugs

Two men who live on Midland Place are accused of selling crack out of their apartment. Charles Yancy, 63, and Hasan Shareef, 36, now face charges for possession and sale of a controlled substance.

Investigators say they found five grams of crack in the apartment when they arrested the men on February 15. The drugs were broken up into ten small bags, which were packaged for sale, according to police. Authorities also found $1,600 in the home.

Authorities say that people in the neighborhood had been telling them that the two, who lived in apartment 1C, were possibly dealing drugs out of the Midland Place apartment. Tuckahoe's police chief says they were able to make the bust with the help of other police departments.

“This joint effort of the Tuckahoe Police Department and the Westchester County Department of Public Safety is a great example of the benefit of our department having the ability to draw on the resources of the County Police to work cooperatively in ridding our community of a problem drug location,” Tuckahoe Police Chief John Costanzo said.

Shareef is being held at the Westchester County Jail, while bail has been set at $15,000 cash for Yancy.


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