Car Crashes Into House

A woman was taken to the hospital after accidentally accelerating into a home.

On January 7 at 7:35 a.m., Tarrytown police received a call from a resident at 6 Baylis Court whose house had been hit by a car.

According to Lieutenant William Herguth, a 66-year-old Woodside, NY woman had pulled into the short dead street off Main Street. Realizing she was on the wrong street, she pulled into a driveway to turn around but somehow hit her gas instead of her brake, causing the car to accelerate into the house.

The car slammed into an extension of the house and caused damage to the concrete foundation and some timber, said Herguth.

Police called the building department to examine the situation before Stiloski’s towing removed the car just to ensure the structure would not collapse. The car was towed out without incident but the building department would be requiring the homeowner to get a contractor to shore up the damage, reported Herguth.

Herguth had no information on how badly the car was damaged, however the woman was transported to Phelps Memorial Hospital by Tarrytown Volunteer Ambulance Corps for a complaint of neck pain.


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