Back to School: 'Schools Open Drive Carefully' Campaign

With the school year officially beginning next week, Tuckahoe Police are joining forces with AAA to promote safe driving once school is back in session.


When schools re-open next week, many changes take place in Bronxville-Eastchester including the presence of more congestion and unfortunate incidents of automobile accidents.

Tuckahoe Police, along with AAA New York have launched it's 67th annual "School's Open - Drive Carefully" campaign to promote safe driving in the Village once schools return to session.

Police Officers Chris Santiago and Andrew Zirolnik of the Tuckahoe Police Department, will be mounting colorful “School’s Open” posters in Tuckahoe to warn motorists to be extra careful as thousands of local youngsters return to school.

“The help that we get from our club-area police departments adds to the effectiveness of our ‘School’s Open’ campaign,” said Donna Galasso, assistant director of the club’s Traffic Safety unit in a press release. 

“We appreciate the efforts of Officers Santiago and Zirolnik, which will result in increased safety for all students,” said Galasso.

Galasso reminds drivers, including bicyclists, to be especially cautious in school areas, keeping their speed at or below posted limits and being prepared to stop, on both sides of the street, for school buses with flashing red lights and stop arms, as required by New York State law.

The Club’s annual “School’s Open – Drive Carefully” campaign is conducted with local government and police agencies.  Thousands of posters, bumper stickers and other educational materials are distributed through the program.

AAA New York State’s “School’s Open – Drive Carefully” program began in 1945.  Since then, it has helped to prevent injuries and deaths among children of elementary school age.

AAA New York, the local AAA affiliate, provides automotive, travel and financial services to more than 1.6 million members in New York City, Westchester and beyond.

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Josh Semendoff August 27, 2012 at 11:53 AM
Biggest thing I hope everyone remembers are the posted speed limits in School Zones, which begin and end a few hundred feet from the school building and not just in front of it.
Rosa Goncalves September 01, 2012 at 10:53 PM
The Eastchester High/middle school parking lot can get very congested during the morning and afternoon . There are some people who dont pay attention to the kids who walk between buses.......I hope people will see those kids ansd watch for them......
Martha Watson September 03, 2012 at 04:52 PM
I don't understand why there is not a greater emphasis put on school kids using the school buses to get to/from school. It teaches them self reliance and responsibility (to get to the bus stop on time), it is greener environmentally (than all those parents' cars running to and fro) and cuts down on traffic congestion and noise. What gives?! I don't want to hear about being late to practices/appointments . . . make the appointments a bit later to accomodate arriving home on the bus, as to sports practices, tell them to align their schedules w/the school buses.


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