Thoughts on a Parking Ticket

Dear Good Citizens of Bronxville:

Greetings from Madison, WI, where it's even colder than you are this winter.

I'm writing to you because I just received a notice of a delinquent parking ticket in your town.  Not an unusual occurrence, particularly when you have college-age children driving cars in your name in various different parts of the country.  (My daughter and I will have to hash this out, but that's an internal family matter that need not concern you.)

What does seem strange is that the violation is from September, 2010 - three and a half years ago.  And this is the first notification I have ever received.  I'm not overly concerned for myself:  The car bit the dust long ago, the license plates are hanging in my garage, quite safe from the threat of cancellation.  But I do wonder if you good citizens are aware that your city offices are a bit, shall we say, lax in enforcement?  I can see a grace period of a month, maybe six months - but three and a half years seems excessive, particularly in this day when most city halls are pinching pennies wherever they can.

Assuming this violation is valid (again, my daughter and I will need to have a, ahem, discussion) I expect we will pay our debt to your community.  You can look for our check in about 3 and half years, sometime in September, 2017.


A Citizen of the Frozen North, Madison WI


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