Bronxville Then And Now: Park Place

What once was a tiny, dirt side street has now become one of the busiest business districts in the village.

It truly is difficult to picture Park Place in Bronxville not having restaurants, real estate offices and on it, but back in the early part of the 20th century, the sleepy dirt road only housed a few private residences that also served as small businesses.

In 1928, the street was widened, but even still, as you can see in the archive photo, things looked a lot different back then.

The house on the left in the foreground stood right at the corner of Park Place and Pondfield Road, right where Lange's Deli now stands.

The second house on the left, about where presently stands, was actually used as the village jail for a time, with two small cell rooms behind the house.

At the end of Park Place in the archive photo stood the large Gramatan Coal Storage Warehouse, which was destroyed by fire in 1931.

Also of note is the location of the , which was on the right side of the street, near the present day , versus it's current location on Cedar Street.

Things sure do look different on Park Place in the 21st century and perhaps 100 years from now, time will have just as profound affect on the area as it has in the last century.

Be sure and check out the slide show of Park Place "Then and Now" and if there is a location in Bronxville you would like to see featured, email me at Semendoff@gmail.com.


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