Mano a Mano Heads Over to Pondfield and...T.G.I.F

Looks like it's moving day (or week) for Mano a Mano. Plus, TGIF: the last Friday of 2010, no less!

Walking down Kraft last night, we were surprised to see nearly empty.  Thankfully, they're simply moving around the corner to 81 Pondfield Road. Here's hoping the move is as successful as (nee East India Designs) move last year to their new location on Pondfield.



Off for the week, we took the kids over to the to pick up a couple of books (as if they didn't get enough reading material for Christmas) and were delighted to find a "Drop-In Craft Day" underway in the Children's Room. While the little one pasted together a New Year's crown, we had time to reflect one a few things from the past week….

  • We're longing for the days of exciting . Over the summer, we got texts warning us of and . Lately, though, the alerts have been a bit more mundane, bringing news of and tax payment deadlines.
  • We got a bit more excited about getting our quarterly "In Your Neighborhood" coupon book in the mail, which contains a lot of junk, but also boasts some nice discounts from , , and . 
  • We were even more excited to find that Netflix is now streaming the first 11 seasons of Law & Order, SVU, and were surprised by the many Bronxville references in the first season. In Season 1, Episode 4, the detectives travel to our town (complete with scenes at the Bronxville Train Station) to break the news of a woman's murder to her parents.  Another episode, Number 6, mentions a student being attacked by a suspect. We're guessing that perhaps a writer on the show was from this area?


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