Letter to the Editor: Assemblyman Latimer in Bronxville

Rene Atayan of Bronxville writes into Patch to ask why Assemblyman George Latimer has been seen on the train station platforms and other areas around the village.


Dear Editor,

In a big election year, we are accustomed to candidates meeting voters on the train platform.  That said, I was taken aback this week when Assemblyman George Latimer appeared in Bronxville; we aren't in his district, nor did he reveal he was actually campaigning.  

Latimer was nice enough to perform some survey about the Metro North. Funny thing, he neglected to inform the good taxpayers he is actually running for State Senate, and he's using YOUR money to fund the literature he passed out.  

He's apparently done the same in Harrison and Mt. Vernon where many Yonkers commuters catch the train.  Both are also in the senate district he is pursuing but not his assembly district.  Has he brought his survey to our neighbors in Dobbs Ferry?  How about Peekskill and Ossining?  

But George Latimer does indeed care about our commuters. Why else would he vote in favor of the original MTA Payroll Tax which targeted small businesses, non-profits, and our schools to fund the defunct and corrupt MTA. Thanks a lot!

Does Mr. Latimer's survey make sure our taxpayer dollars are being used in the best way possible?  Doubtful, since he is clearly campaigning on taxpayer funded material.  This is exactly what happens to career politicians who have spent more than 20 years moving up the political ladder.  

The taxpayer dollar loses all its value and is replaced by meaningless rhetoric. The ethics behind such a maneuver are very slippery, taxpayers and voters take note.  

Rene Atayan
Bronxville, NY

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