On Frozen Pond

Heron Today, Gone Tomorrow. Plus, Slave to the Grind delivers care packages to troops.

One of our favorite local wildlife spotters, , sent us this photo of a heron bracing against the wind and cold on the pond at Bronx River Park.

According to Diane, she spotted the bird and it started posing, but when she came around a second time, it had flown away. Hopefully to somewhere warm.

Looks to us like the heron is just as miserable as we'd be sitting out in the cold. And it kinda looks like it had a near miss with Captain Sully Sullenberger, doesn't it?


From Coffee House to Afghanistan

The signs at the coffee counter are hard to miss. “Imagine yourself 350 miles from the nearest store. No CVS down the block. Wind, dirt, rocks, and extreme temperatures…” 

Thus reads the introduction for proprietor Andy Marshall’s plea for items to be included in care packages he’s sending to troops in Forward Operating Bases in Afghanistan. 

So far, Andy’s sent out six packages, and has two more almost ready to go. He’s looking for international calling cards, razors, and footballs (perhaps from deflated Pats fans like himself) to include in the care packages.

You can stop in anytime with items, and get some good kharma with your daily caffeine fix.

Joanne January 18, 2011 at 08:55 PM
Love Slave to the Grind, and happy Andy's leading this effort. Perhaps readers could send troops a soccer ball from this group? It never deflates, so perfect for rocky terrain - also, for each one bought, they donate one to kids in hot spots around the world. http://www.oneworldfutbol.com


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