Chapel School Brothers are Principals for the Day

Chapel School Brothers are Principals for the Day


“We will be having a fire drill” announced Principal Charlie, a third grader serving as Principal for the day at The Chapel School. He along with his four year old brother Zachary were Principals for the day on Wednesday May 14th. “Principal for a Day” was an auction item won by their parents at The Chapel School’s yearly fundraising gala, the Gathering of Friends. They experienced some of the responsibilities of a principal firsthand. “I really enjoyed reading to the class,” said Charlie. “My favorite part was seeing how the fax and copy machine work,” said Zachary. The brothers worked with Chapel School Principal Mr. Jim Dhyne, who showed them how to greet students at car line, send important fax messages, address the entire school during a school assembly, and issue a fire drill.


The Chapel School is located on 172 White Plains Road in Bronxville, New York.  For more information about the Chapel School and its programs, please call 914-337-3202 or visit the website at www.thechapelschool.org.



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