Blogs: Winter vs. iPhone; Public Salaries

A recap of recent and popular blog posts in Westchester, Rockland and Putnam.

With a painful cold snap lingering in the region, combating the cold seems to be the raison d'etre this week. With temperatures sliding into single-digit territory, folks are sharing remedies for keeping whipping winds at bay, bundling up pets and heating houses economically.

But what about your phone?

Patch blogger Ellen Webber says the glacial weather can impact your electronics, from sapping battery power to cracking your screen.

"You're careful enough to protect yourself with coats, gloves and scarves, but what about your smartphone, tablet and notebook?" Webber asks.

Some germane tips from her post: don't leave your device in your frigid car for long, and keep it inside when you trek outdoors to shovel the driveway.


No matter how deep the cuts, it's an all-to-familiar problem: local governments can't keep tax rates static when budget season rolls around. And the culprit is too often soaring salaries and perks that can't be touched with red ink.

But blogger and Greenburgh supervisor Paul Finer says there's a solution—have local government set salaries, not the state. If you're a wonk or budding-politico, check out his piece in its entirety here.


Also in this week's blog stable: Rabbi Mark Sammeth breaks down recent gun violence across the nation, and Sharon Rowley shares a hot cocoa recipe.


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