About Town: Tweeting Sarah Lawrence

Stuff Sarah Lawrence kids say in 140 characters or less.


It’s been a while since we checked in with our friends up on the hill, who always have something snarky to say on Twitter.  Here are some of our recent favorites, along with our take...

“I swear to God, every time I drive by its like a different…planet” [Indeed, a planet that exists in that netherworld between Bronxville and Yonkers - Planet Yonksville]

“Habitually annouyed [sic] by the vowel sounds in the U.S. pronounciation [sic] of 'Sarah Lawrence'” [Hmm, given that Sarah was an American, wouldn’t the "U.S." pronunciation be the correct one?  Also, given two typos in one tweet, perhaps one should be focusing on one’s own communication skills?]

“[Julianna] Marguiles might be a Sarah Lawrence grad, but I doubt she ever dated girls or played with knives.” [We’re missing the knife-play reference – can anyone help out on this one?]

“I left Boston 6 hours ago. Get me to Sarah Lawrence before I punt this crying baby out the door[Six hours? Are you sure it’s a crying baby or just your GPS getting really angry?]

“i'm at sarah lawrence college for the week and it's weird. everyone has a record player.” [Can one even find Ani DiFranco on vinyl?]

“I need to reconnect with Sarah Lawrence girls. I'm broke and my grandma has pills she isn't using.” [Further proof that SLC contributes to the local economy!]

“Looking up your grades at Sarah Lawrence is like trying to find information about Soviet oppression in a Russian library.”

“Either I've suddenly grown ‘Sarah Lawrence goggles’ or there's cute boys in the library.” [Looks like someone found a buyer for grandma’s pills]

 “Drove all around yonkers just bc the radio songs were great & it's a beautiful day. Even drove inside Sarah Lawrence campus. Feels good.”

Until next time, keep Tweeting, kids...

sam March 14, 2012 at 08:52 PM
No links/credit?


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