About Town: Middle Eastern on the West Side

Bronxville Castle Isn't Your Ordinary Deli


You may recall about a year and a half ago, to open up in the former Lemon Tree space on Palmer, which of course went on to become .   Actually, if you really remember that, we’ll eat the Lemon Tree menu that’s still floating around our place somewhere.

In any case, that a new deli opened up at 57 Pondfield West in a space that had previously been Tramezzini Deli.

And here’s where those two stories collide in an explosion of hummus and babaghanuouj.

You see, it turns out Bronxville Castle isn’t your run-of-the-mill bodega or deli.  In addition to the standard fare, they’ve got an impressive lineup of Middle Eastern food – shawarmas, gyros, falafel, and more, on the menu.  The delicacies are prepared by chef and owner Vic, a Yonkers resident, who opened the place about a month ago.

Chatting with Vic, it’s clear that a passion for food runs in his blood.  Originally from Egypt, Vic poured us a taste of his “Castle Lentil Soup” a specialty.  Rich and thick, its deep flavors were perfect for a rainy February afternoon. 

A steady stream of customers came through the doors, shook themselves off, and were warmly welcomed by the owner, who answered questions about delivery (yes, after 5pm) and the décor – a vibrant saffron wall is one of the few updates Vic made from the prior setup. 

We’ll definitely be back.  Although our local Italians, Asians, and pubs serve some great food, it’s exciting to have a new option in town.  

J. Forester March 07, 2012 at 03:48 PM
Victor of Bronxville Castle is bringing the Egyptian take on Middle Eastern food to the area. I have really enjoyed what I have had so far. he needs the neighborhoods support and feedback. Go in and try his food. He has ever changing daily specials of Egyptian homestyle food, besides his main menu.
Josh Semendoff March 07, 2012 at 04:00 PM
The specials are always fresh and always new, definitely would recommend this place too!
Nancy Dwyer Chapman March 15, 2012 at 09:16 PM
Went to Bronxville Castle Deli today and was charmed by Vic and delighted with the food. The mujadarra is excellent, and the lentil soup is a standout. This is a very welcome addition that offers much-needed variety to the Bronxville food scene.


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