About Town: Bronxville's Make Believe Movies

What might have been if some famous films had been shot in Bronxville


The recent film and TV shoots in town – Tina Fey was here in May, Kevin Bacon just this week – made us stop to consider what some movies and shows might have been if they’d been shot in Bronxville.

Falling Down Pondfield – Michael Douglas portrays a white collar worker who snaps after waiting online for several hours at the Bronxville Post Office.

There’s Something About Mary Marvin – Ben Stiller portrays a clutzy thirty-something who pines for his former flame and hires a private detective, played by Matt Dillon, to track her down.  Turns out Mary is the mayor of a small town in Westchester. Hilarity ensues.

Underhill’s Crossing Jordan – The stunning Jill Hennessey plays a waitress at an upscale local eatery who, along with her father, a retired detective, solves murders between shifts.

Friday Night Lights – Billy Bob Thornton plays the head coach of the , who make a huge comeback after a devastating injury to their star tailback.  Actually, scratch this one - all the Hollywood special effects in the world couldn't make Bronxville look like Odessa, Texas.

On Golden Pondfield – Katherine Hepburn and Henry Fonda play retirees who’ve moved to idyllic Bronxville.  Their daughter, Chelsea, played by Jane Fonda, must come to grips with her relationship with her father, while the sounds of loons (played by Airbus A320’s descending into LaGuardia) provide a melodic backdrop to the family drama.

West Side Story – The story of two rival gangs – one from , one from , who fight over the girl from down the block, Rosie, played by Natalie Wood.  Darts fly as the two contingents meet for a final, tragic rumble under the Metro North tracks.

Josh Semendoff August 10, 2012 at 01:13 PM
So creative! Your outshining me today Jay as a writer. Gonna have to come up with some movies for Eastchester and Tuckahoe now.
Bronxville Chamber of Commerce August 10, 2012 at 07:43 PM
Well done! "There's Something About Mary Marvin" is the best! Makes me want to keep going..."Park Place" (instead of "Peyton Place")..."Value Drugstore Cowboy"..."Petticoat Lane Junction"..."Mrs. Doubtfire's Flower Shop"..."Continental 109 Divide"...
Josh Semendoff August 10, 2012 at 07:48 PM
I'll try one..."Barefoot in the Park143" A tale of a newlywed couple who move to Bronxville and learn there is so much more to life than steak and potatoes.


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