About Town: Monday Musings

No joy in Bronxville as October baseball ends for Yankee fans.

Deep blue, sunny skies made for a perfect weekend for playoff baseball, but not for Yankees fans.  After the Bronx Bombers were eliminated by Detroit on Thursday night, the following parody made the Twitter rounds:

In Detroit the men are singing

And in Boston children shout

But there is no joy in Bronxville

Mighty A-Rod has struck out

Earlier that evening, Chris “The Mad Dog” Russo stuck his paw in his mouth, admonishing fans at Yankee Stadium to pay more attention to the game by tweeting:

“Yankee fans, if you want to play on your littleiPod or bluberry, STAY AT HOME! Kids in Bronxville would kill to be there!”

Hmm…something just doesn’t seem right with that tweet. Was he being sarcastic? Or does Russo really not know his geography and socio-economics?

Speaking of angry dogs, have you seen the window display at recently? Owner Steve Singer has taken another creative jab at dog-abuser and Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick.

Folks on the opposite end of the treatment of animals spectrum will flock to this Sunday the 16th for the Blessing of the Animals, which runs from noon until 1pm in the Cloister area.  Make sure your dog is on a leash, and your cat in a carrier when attending.  No pet?  No fear, The Animal Haven Mobile Adoption Van will be on hand for most of the afternoon.

You might then bring your freshly blessed four-legged friend over to for a final al fresco meal before the place turns into a tapas restaurant later this month.  Although we always found the service at the place to be unbearably slow, the food was solid, and will be missed.  We’ll admit to being excited about tapas!  Frankly, we’re just glad it’s not turning into another Italian, nail salon, or drycleaners.

Which reminds us, Eco-Green Cleaners is celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Month by offering 20% off cleaning of any pink items.  Pink shirts, pink dresses, pink diaper bags, you name it. 

We wrapped up the weekend over at the at Lake Isle last night – the place was mobbed, but should be a little quieter today during the finale from 1pm – 6pm. 

Enjoy the week, folks.  Let's go Rangers!


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