Holiday Storefronts: Part IV

The Grand Finale of our look at holiday storefronts. Plus, We head up to the post office on White Plains Road for a much different experience.

Here it is, the fourth and final installment of this year's Holiday Storefronts slideshow. Today's photographs bring you up and down Park Place and Kraft Avenue in Bronxville, along with a few additional shops from Pondfield.

Overall, it was an impressive collection this  year, but we'll award an unofficial first place tie to Tryforos & Pernice and their crosstown rivals, Mrs. Morgan's, while a surprising second place goes to the recently opened Bronxville Vision Care. 

But that's just our opinion...what's yours? And in case you missed them, here's and  


A Refreshing Trip to the Eastchester Post Office

We finally took reader Janie07 up on her admonition to avoid the maddening lines and sauna-like temperatures at the by driving up to the in Eastchester. The thought of spending the better part of the morning waiting in line with a dozen grumbling, sweating customers, half of whom would undoubtedly be shipping dozens of small items to Kyrgyzstan, was enough for us to jump in the car for the quick jaunt up White Plains Road. Janie promised we wouldn't be disappointed, and we weren't.

Alas, our GPS is on the fritz, so we had to resort to old fashioned directions from our Blackberry. We found rock star parking right (15 minutes free!) in front of the small, unassuming Eastchester Post Office storefront, and upon walking in, immediately knew that Janie knew what she was talking about. 

Although it was apparent that there would be no lines, no waiting, what really struck us was the upbeat banter between customers and Postal workers. It was like walking into your neighborhood pub, where everyone knows your name.  They didn't know ours, of course, but then it would have been a little scary if they had, since we'd never been there before. 

We were in and out in a flash, vowing to return and leave the Bronxville Post Office to those with half a day to kill. Then it was off to the Target in Mt Vernon, and we don't need to tell you how that went. The parking lot is the most awfully designed this side of the Hudson, and the bare bones inventory is reminiscent of Soviet era groceries. But that's a story for another day….


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