Forgione Family: "Conversation with Frank Always Included Laughter"

The Forgione family as well as the Eastchester community remembers their beloved father, husband and friend.


This article was written by the Forgione Family in remembrance of Frank Forgione (1952 - 2012).

What do you say about a man like Frank Forgione?

After Frank had gone missing on Thursday, October 18, 2012; there was so much more to Frank than being the average neighbor in the small town of Eastchester where he made his living as a landscaper.

In 1970, Frank immigrated to Eastchester, NY from Rocca San Felice, a municipality in the Province of Avellino, Italy in 1975. Frank courted his true love Nancy and they married in April 1975.

It was in Eastchester they stayed and started their family. Frank was a father and hero to Phil and Rocco.

He spent so much of his free time with his family and friends. Recalling Sunday dinners, day trips with friends and hunting with his cousins. Frank always made time for his family and friends.

Many people go to work each day because they have to. For Frank, it was very much a part of his life that he could be proud of, loved and was truly gifted for making his clients happy because he completed their homes with the beauty of landscaping.

His sons both admired their father for all he was and all that he did and because of his efforts, they too followed in his footsteps and joined the family business.

Frank made the most of his time with his family and friends. At parties, when Frank wasn’t twirling his bride on the dance floor with a smile from ear to ear, you would see him in deep conversation with a relative or friend and a conversation with Frank always included laughter.

He loved to entertain at home with Nancy and his sons all the many relatives and friends. He enjoyed this most when he could entertain in his yard where he would serve up his homemade pizza and homegrown figs from the yard.  

Although I talk a lot about his family, Frank and Nancy have another family at the Guardia Lombardi Club where Frank was not only a member, but a Trustee.

He and Nancy were very involved and participated in the many events held at the club. When he wasn’t busy helping with an event, you would find Frank very involved in a game of Briscola or Scopa (Italian Card Games) or just watching a soccer game or catching up with Oggi, the Italian Newspaper.

When Frank went missing it was no mystery to his family how loved he was. The dozens of people that came to support his family was to say the least, tremendous.

The Family of Frank Forgione has always appreciated how fortunate they are to have so many loving, concerned and compassionate people who surround them.

They are grateful to all of the family, friends and neighbors who made calls, handed out flyers, went on searches or just lent their hand to hold while saying a prayer for Frank to be found.

Although the outcome was not what the family had hoped for, they are grateful of all efforts by the hundreds who were by our side.

Frank is survived by his loving wife Nancy, his adoring sons Phil and Rocco; step-mother Ida Forgione, brother Elio (Isabella) Forgione; in-laws: Mother-in-law Alessandra Forgione,  Maria (Carmine) Forgione; Josie (Joe) Cermele, Mario (Elisa) Forgione and several loving aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews and friends.


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