Empire State Building Shooting and your Facebook Time Line

“Those Who Sacrifice Liberty For Security Deserve Neither.” - Ben Franklin

Another day, another shooting in the United States, and this time it struck a little closer to home - in front of the Empire State Building. A little after 9 a.m. all of our smart phones started to buzz with breaking news stories from every major media outlet around the world. The news spoke of another shooting; another madman with little regard for his own life, whose only concern, this morning, was to exact whatever revenge he needed.

Psychologically unbalanced? Overly-distressed about his lob loss? Domestic terrorist? Did he work alone? What was his High School report card like? -first media source to dig up the High School report card wins!

What it really comes down to, in the end, is the Facebook time line; the only true gauge of what the general population (the true governing body of the nation) think. And the general population seems to think that we need to get rid of guns! We need to disarm! We need to clean up the streets! to prevent this from happening less and less!

Well, here's the bad news: It's not going to happen less and less. Especially when the basement floor of the economy completely bottoms-out; especially when the growing food crisis reaches new heights and people don't know how they are going to feed themselves and their families, and especially if we have another one of those nasty flu outbreaks that seem to be getting smarter than humans.

No, the real issue here is this: Gun laws, and gun "buy-backs" only strip the people who will never go on a rampage, of their ability to defend themselves. The ones who are shooting up malls, movie theaters, fellow gangsters, and assaulting the innocent will never relinquish their weapons (which were all obtained illegally anyhow). What liberal politicians and anti-gun activitists are doing is creating an easily-herded, defenseless flock of sheep.

"According to New York Mayor Bloomberg, 34 Americans are murdered every day with a firearm. What he doesn’t tell you is 2,191 Americans every day use a firearm in self defense, not counting the incidents that go unreported. Our political scum tell us that if we decent law abiding people would just get rid of all our guns it would spare the lives of those 34 innocents. Some actually believe it. Pretending for a moment that that claim is true, those 34 people would be saved at the expense of the other 2,191, a net loss of 2,157 lives. Trouble is those 34 innocents were not victimized by decent law abiding people. They were victimized by criminals who would have victimized them anyway. Taking away guns would not have protected anyone. Those of us with the ability to understand reality know that, in fact, the death toll will skyrocket many hundreds of per cent once the predator class realizes we weak cannot protect ourselves."

If you want to ask a country how disarmament worked out in the end, give Mexico a holler. Mexico has had one helluva time suppressing their murder rate, and so will we, once every foul-minded creep in the country knows that the only thing standing between them and your jewlery is some cute little ADT home security system.

Digest that while you take in all of the nonsensical reasons why we need to surrender more of our rights for the illusion of security.

I will play Devil's Advocate on this though: When the Bill of Rights was ratified in 1791, they did not have AR-15 assault rifles in mind. If someone had a rough week and wanted to kill someone, there was a little more time in between shots when you needed to reload a musket. With THAT being said, I do believe that space-age technology should be exclusively for our armed forces, but our rights to own a handgun or a rifle should never be impeded upon.

The men who fought for and founded this country were nothing short of geniuses. James Madison was a genius. Ben Franklin was a genius. It does not take much to restore this place - it just takes balls, and they had the biggest balls on earth.

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Jay Wilson August 27, 2012 at 08:46 PM
Is there a source for the 2,191 number? I have seen studies that put the number as low as 274/day (National Crime Victimization Survey). While that's still significant, you're making a big leap to compare 34 actual gun related deaths to 2,191 "potential" deaths. Even if the 2,191 number is accurate, I don't believe you can rationalize that all 2,191 of the "self-defenders" would have died if they didn't have a gun. You make a good point when you play devil's advocate - the founders didn't envision fully automated weaponry. The problem is that lobbying groups like the NRA oppose any and all restrictions on such weapons. Until such extremism is put in its place, which seems less and less likely as gun advocates, represented by Republicans, move further and further to the right. And the claim they (not you) make that President Obama is "anti-gun" and wants "take away your guns" as claimed by Romney is simply false - much to the chagrin of left-wing gun control advocates, Obama has introduced exactly zero gun control initiatives.


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