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Greenwich-based Fido Fixers, Harrison-based Westchester Humane Society, and Larchmont-based Pet Rescue gather on Sunday, January 20 to receive specially-outfitted vehicle that will provide this important service to companion animals in need

Harrison, New York, January 20, 2013…  Three local nonprofit animal rescue organizations will gather together next Sunday, January 20, to take delivery of an important new resource for the thousands of cat and dog owners who often struggle to provide medical care for their beloved pets, not to mention the many volunteers who rescue and care for needy cats and dogs.

The resource is an extraordinary 26-foot vehicle specially outfitted with all the state-of-the-art equipment needed to spay and neuter companion animals. The vehicle will be made available to pet advocacy groups, which will use it as a mobile clinic—providing spay-and-neuter service at little or no cost to pet owners who might otherwise be unable to pay for it, and in neighborhoods where veterinary facilities may not be available.

The much anticipated arrival of the mobile veterinary clinic will take place at 2:30 PM at the Harrison headquarters of the revitalized Westchester Humane Society, located at 7 Harrison Avenue. Westchester Humane Society president Eric Lobel will be arriving with the vehicle after a two-day drive from the headquarters of its Ohio-based manufacturer, La Boit, a prominent builder of special-purpose vehicles.

“We want everyone to know that the Westchester Humane Society is under new management, and that we’ve turned it into a successful animal shelter with many cat and dog adoptions already to its credit,” says Lobel. “So I jumped at the chance to help out our friends at Fido Fixers and Pet Rescue, and to promote our common cause.”

Lobel will hand over the vehicle’s keys to representatives of Greenwich, CT-based Fido Fixers, which fully funded the cost of the vehicle. Fido Fixers will then turn the vehicle over to Larchmont-based Pet Rescue, which will promptly put it into service. All three groups hope to continue such coordinated efforts to benefit pets in need—and to reduce the population of unwanted and stray cats and dogs, four million of which are euthanized in the U.S. every year after lives of misery.

The Fido Fixers vehicle will visit areas with high populations of unfixed dogs and cats, both in the Northeast and in Southern states, where relatively little effort is made to control the population of companion animals. “We were all frustrated that these dogs and cats reproduce again and again even after their puppies and kittens are rescued,” says Ruth Frumkin of Pet Rescue. “So the founders of Fido Fixers decided to get to the bottom of the problem with a mobile veterinary clinic.” Staffed by experienced veterinarians and assistants, the clinic will also be used to trap, spay/neuter, and release feral cats.

“There are many groups who work tirelessly to rescue these wonderful creatures,” say the founders of Fido Fixers. “Sadly, many highly adoptable dogs and cats are left behind to suffer and eventually be euthanized.” The Westchester Humane Society, Pet Rescue, and Fido Fixers all hope that this new approach to controlling the overpopulation of cats and dogs will lessen the cycle of suffering to which these innocent creatures are subjected. 

For more information about the Fido Fixers mobile veterinary vehicle, visit FidoFixers.org, e-mail fidofixers@gmail.com, or call (203) 625-9625. For more information about the vehicle’s upcoming clinics, visit NY-PetRescue.org, e-mail petrescueny@aol.com, or call (914) 834-6955. For more information about the Westchester Humane Society and its many adoptable cats and dogs, visit WestchesterHumaneSociety.org, e-mail adopt@westchesterhumanesociety, or call (917) 972-6449. Visitors and journalists attending the event will be offered tours of the Fido Fixers vehicle and Westchester Humane Society’s improved facilities.


About Westchester Humane Society: In June 2012, a group of animal-loving volunteers took over the Westchester Humane Society in Harrison, New York and have turned it into a safe, humane shelter for cats and dogs. The revamped organization is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption of companion animals, supports the battle to end animal cruelty, and embraces the no-kill philosophy, seeking to end the euthanasia of healthy, treatable, and lovable cats and dogs.

About Pet Rescue: The mission of Larchmont, New York-based Pet Rescue is to aid homeless, abandoned and neglected cats and dogs, to nurture them in the foster care of volunteers, to provide veterinary care and socialization, and to place them in permanent loving and responsible homes. Pet Rescue also works to decrease the population of homeless dogs and cats through its spay/neuter programs.

About Fido Fixers: Fido Fixers Inc. is a newly organized not-for-profit corporation that provides no-cost or low-cost spay-and-neuter services for dogs and cats primarily in economically distressed areas. Based in Greenwich, Connecticut, Fido Fixers is accomplishing this mission with a surgical mobile veterinary clinic that it has recently purchased, and now makes available to partner pet rescue groups. A skilled veterinarian will provide the services.


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