Bramson Camp Denies Removing Astorino Re-Election Signs

Incumbent Robert Astorino, a Republican, squared off against Democrat Noam Bramson on Nov. 5 for the County Executive's seat.

Noam Bramson campaign officials denied allegations from the campaign of Westchester County Executive Robert Astorino that they destroyed signs at the Fleetwood train station Tuesday night.

Earlier today, Astorino’s campaign sent out a YouTube video showing two men removing Astorino signs and replacing them with Noam Bramson signs at the Fleetwood Metro-North station. Astorino, a Republican, is running against Democrat Noam Bramson to keep his seat as County Executive.

The video, which Astorino’s campaign said was provided by a concerned citizen, can be viewed above.

"Noam Bramson needs to explain to the people of Westchester why his workers are systematically destroying the campaign property of County Executive Rob Astorino," said Friends of Astorino spokeswoman Jessica Proud. "This was not a one-off effort; this is clearly an organized and systematized operation employing work vehicles and Bramson workers. We demand that Mr. Bramson immediately identify those engaged in this crime and explain to the people of why his campaign is sanctioning this type of operation."

Barry Caro, a spokesman for Bramson’s campaign, said the two men shown in the video are not connected to Bramson’s campaign and that he has never seen them before. He also accused the Astorino’s campaign of destroying Bramson signs the past few months.

“It’s five days before the election and telling that Rob wants to talk about everything but the issues,” Caro said. “What’s important are the issues. Who’s going to protect the middle class? Who’s going to protect our values?"


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