Tuckahoe RN Cares for Seniors at Lawrence Home Care

With 29 years of experience as a Registered Nurse, Patty Day has found that caring for those in home care can become a very personal relationship.


Being a Registered Nurse can be a challenging profession to say the least, with a myriad of possible settings to work in from the emergency room to home care.

For Tuckahoe resident Patty Day, her career has seen both and for the last six years, she has found herself also serving as a home care nurse for Lawrence Home Care of Westchester, servicing patients throughout southern Westchester County.

"I love my job and I think that having home care programs is such a huge asset to the community," stated Day who continued that, "it keeps patients not only safe but allows them to reach their maximum potential and quality of life."

A certified home health agency dedicated to providing expert care in the comfort and security of a patient’s home, Lawrence Home Care provides short-term care that enables patients to resume their normal, independent lifestyles as quickly as possible.

Having worked as an RN at St. Vincent's Hospital for 25 years in the critical care unit of the ER, Day also found herself as a visiting nurse early on in her career in Manhattan, learning that life outside of the ER can take on a much more specific role in a patient's care.

She finds that the collaborative process in being a part of a patients home care is very rewarding.

"I work with other doctors, therapists, with medication management and we look at the whole situation and help patients manage this new part of their lives," she said.

Day feels though that the greatest service she provides is the help and support she can give families so that plans can be put in place and patients can remain in their homes and in their most comfortable environment.

"We also will help with even more simple things like safety concerns around the house, social services, meals on wheels and many other resources," continued Day.

If you would like more information about Lawrence Home Care of Westchester and the services that they provide, you can visit their website at lawrencehomecare.org.

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