Occupy Paw Street

Old Man Winter can’t snow on the Pugs’ Parade in Bronxville.

Despite an official cancellation by organizers, several tough little dogs showed up at the in Bronxville this morning to take part in what has become a local tradition, The Halloween Pug Parade.

Dressed as pirates, monkeys, and well, other things, about ten of the pugnacious little critters occupied the corner of Park Place and Kraft as the late morning sun began melting yesterday’s snows.   The crowd, which included a dozen or so humans, was mostly peaceful, despite earlier fears from Bronxville Police that marchers might attempt to loot down the block.

“Listen, we’re the 99%,” snorted Bella, who eschewed a traditional costume, opting for a festive harness. 

“Well, because of the snow, we’re about 5% of the 99%, but you know what I’m saying,” she snorted, before pounding a paw in the air and chanting “Whose streets?  Our streets!

With that, the occupiers headed north on Park Place, their progress monitored by a patrol car with a half-dozen cats in full riot gear peering through the rear windows….


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