Seeking Sports Parents Here in Eastchester, Tuckahoe & Bronxville

Patch is looking for people to let the community know what's going on with their child's sports team.

If your derrière is ever affixed to a bleacher seat at our kid's sporting events in Bronxville, Tuckahoe or Eastchester, then we need your help! Patch is looking for parents who can help out the community by updating us all on what's happening with your child's sports team.

It's easy to give your team a big shout-out on Patch. 

While you are watching the game, take a few notes and a few photos. We're looking for the basics: what sport, what teams played, where it was held, the ever-important score and maybe even some highlights. We need at least one photo to go with the post. A photo of an awesome three-point basket or a perfect pitch would be over-the-top.

This role can be held by any one and more than one person – young, old, parent, student, fan, sibling, coach, etc.

If you are interested, email Patch editor Chris McHugh at Chris.McHugh@Patch.com and we'll talk!

And don't forget that you can post an announcement anytime on Patch by clicking here. Send Patch Editor Chris McHugh the link so I can post it on our homepage.

You can also enter events into our community calendar by clicking here.

Another great way to be heard is to use our blogging interface by clicking here.


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