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Local Design Firm Creates Festive Brand Program

As customers step into any one of three Frannie’s Goodie Shop locations in the local area they not only get delicious frozen yogurt and treats they get to enjoy the whole fun experience the brand offers. Award winning design firm Hudson Valley Graphic Design, located in Croton-On-Hudson, was the creative team responsible for bringing that experience to life with Frannie’s new festive logo and brand program.

With frozen yogurt shops popping up on every corner, the veteran design experts for over 30 years had their work cut out for them but also knew it was important to incorporate some of the original brand equities established in past years into the new brand.  “After several brainstorming sessions our team created the newly designed logo that invites customers into the fun and sets Frannie’s apart from the rest,” said Janeen Violante, owner and lead designer of Hudson Valley Graphic Design. “By tweaking the existing logo and adding festive icons that resemble some of the creative toppings available at Frannie’s as well as vivid, bright colors we were able to create a new logo that is eye catching and appealing to all ages.” According to Violante, Frannie’s primarily offers frozen yogurt but also serves endless choices in gelato, sorbets and ice cream.  By utilizing the multi-color scheme in the new logo the design team was able to really exemplify what distinguishes Frannie’s from all the basic froyo franchises that are their main competitors.

 The design team also incorporated the unique experience customers get when they walk through the doors of Frannie’s and are handed an empty Froyo cup to fill with their choice of delectable treats. Frannie’s offers 12 flavors of frozen yogurt daily and more than 80 fresh fruit and candy toppings giving customers the opportunity to create their own one of kind delicious work of art. The newly created logo aligns perfectly with Frannie’s tagline “Create Your Own Masterpiece” which is now prominently placed on all the Froyo cups.

According to Frannie Albanese, the namesake of the three shops in Ridge Hill, Mt. Kisco and NY City, the brand needed to emerge as one unique company with three separate locations and Hudson Valley Graphic Design was able to accomplish that and tell their story. “Our new logo and brand image captures the essence of what we are all about and leaves customers of every age feeling like a kid in candy store,” said Albanese. “We were able to distinguish our brand from the competition and create an image that speaks to the entire feel-good experience customers receive at our shops.”        

Hudson Valley Graphic Design has been offering smart design solutions and brand consultation to businesses for over three decades. With a team of talented designers, marketing experts and production technicians they specialize in logos, websites, brochures, product packaging and social media implementation. Check out their website at www.hudsonvalleygraphics.com and to set up a free consultation on your logo or brand, contact Hudson Valley Graphic Design at (914) 582-9353.


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