Bronxville Company Releases App for Kids

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Patch File

When you are on your iPad today, you can now check out a new app from Bronxville's own Double Dog Dar Media. The Bronxville company's "Weenie Dog & Mustard in: Insects Aside!" is a book with a cartoonish feel. In the app, Weenie Dog and Mustard must keep the world's only vegetarian hot dog tree safe from insects that try to steal the delicious dogs. 

Double Dog Dare CEO Shawn Pero says his company's next move is to prepare the game for the iPhone.

"Immediately after releasing our 'Insects, Aside!' storybook app, iOS users asked us when they could use our software on more commonly-owned iOS devices, such as iPhones," said Pero. "We originally intended the app to make use of the space afforded by larger iPad screens as being more touch-friendly for kids enjoying our software. But by carefully redesigning the artwork and text interface for smaller screens, we're confident we've created a product that's every bit as fun and functional as the original iPad version."

This summer, Pero hopes to release the first Weenie Dog & Mustard game. And later in the fall or winter, they are on track to release a new Weenie Dog & Mustard book series. 


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