American Civil War... BATTLE OF SHILOH

The Battle of Shiloh was the first major Civil War battle fought in the Western Theater.

American Civil War..

April 6-7,1862 ….“Battle of Shiloh”


Defense: The Battle of Shiloh also known as the Battle of Pittsburg Landing in Tennessee, was one of the first major Civil War battles fought in the Western Theater of the American Civil War. 

The Union Army of the Tennessee under Union Brigadier General U.S.Grant have defeated Fort Donelson and Fort Henry on the Cumberland and Tennessee Rivers..and Confederate General Albert Sidney Johnston has fallen back to Corinth,Mississippi to regroup and form his attack on the Federals.


Union Commander: Brigadier General U.S. Grant  is the commander of the Union Army of the Tennessee..this is Grant 2 years before he will be made commander of the whole Union army.

Brigadier Grant has finally given President Lincoln the victories he requires to keep Northern war moral, and now moves deeper into Tennessee toward Pittsburg Landing. His orders are to wait for reinforcements from Major General Don Carlos Buell and his Army of the Ohio.

But Grant will be surprise attacked on the morning of April 6, 1862 before Buell arrives and the Union line will be pushed back almost 2 miles to the Tennessee River. Thousands of Federal soldiers will be jammed against the banks in confusion..some actually relaxing.

A nearby sunken road ( fine defensive positions )becomes a kill zone later dubbed the “hornet’s nest” that is fought over all day at terrible loss and finally captured by the rebels.

That night, Union General William Tecumseh Sherman will comment to Grant that they had a bad day. Grant is calmly wittling a stick and states.."we'll lick them tomorrow".

That part of Grants personality will take him farther in the next few years than he has ever expected.


 Union Major General Don Carlos Buell and his Army of the Tennessee will arrive that evening while the Confederates have decided to retire. A Union attack the next morning of April 7 with now combined Union forces will push the Rebels back after several Confederate counter attacks fail.


Attack: Recent Union victories have forced the Confederates to fall back from most of Tennessee to Corinth,Mississippi to dig in and resupply for an attack.  The CSA army must attempt to destroy the Union army or push them back out of Tennessee.


Confederate Commander: General Albert Sidney Johnston has decided to attack and defeat Grant’s army “in detail” before they are reinforced by the Union forces under General Buell. His attack on the morning of April 6 scatters the Union forces but was not as successful as planned as Confederate battle lines become confused and diconnected.

This native of Kentucky, son of a Doctor from Connecticut will be wounded and bleed to death on the battlefield before he receives aid.


The noted Confederate General P.G.T. Beauregard will now take command and fall back for the first night. The next day he will be attacked and pushed back, deciding to leave the field and fall back to Corinth, Mississippi.  The Confederates won the first day but lose the second day and retire, losing the Battle of Shiloh.

Battle Outcome: Union Victory ( lost first day..wins second day.and the battle)

Soldiers: Union – 66,812 / CSA – 44,699

Casualties: Union-13,047 (1,754 killed)/CSA-10,699(1,728 killed)


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William Demarest February 27, 2013 at 08:57 AM
The scale of the deaths in these battles was horrible. More than 3,400 Americans killed.


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