Last Chance: Eastchester Artist's Show

This is your last chance to see Eastchester artist Alan Cohen's "cameragenic" works on display.

Alan Cohen's artwork is anything but ordinary. The Eastchester resident's latest show, "Cameragenic," is made up of photo composites. The series of composites are high-resolution pigment prints. The prints are meant to blur the line between reality and fiction, photography and painting.

In Cohen's Cameragenic world, everything is seen as mutable and pliable. Cohen says there is an implied reality in a pseudo environment in his art. And that the perception suggests infinite possibilities.

Cohen lives in Eastchester right now with his wife, who is a photographer. He was born in New York City. While there, he says he was greatly influence by its architecture and urban culture.

Now, living in Eastchester, Cohen spends some of his time practicing Zen meditation, which he has been doing for most of his life. He says he views the world within that Zen context.

Digital photography is nothing new to Cohen. He has been involved in it since the beginning. Because of his experience with the medium, he is continually a source for people who are eager to learn about compositing and photomontage.

Right now, the Harrison Council for the Arts is presenting the cameragenic photo composites by Cohen at the Harrison Public Library. The library is located at 2 Bruce Avenue. Make sure you don't miss out, the exhibit only runs until February 22.


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