In Photos: Springtime Colors at Sarah Lawrence College

Photographer Nadia Brent shares some of her favorite Springtime shots with Patch.


Using a simple IPhone to capture some of these amazing pictures of , sophomore and photographer extraordinaire Nadia Brent has a great deal of background already in the world of photography.

The 20 year-old not only took advanced photography classes in High School, but also was an assistant to the photo editors at Life Magazine for two summers.

"My subject range is very broad and I really enjoy photographing nature and people," Brent commented.

Even though she has done work using various types of lenses, high-tech DSLR cameras and other equipment, Brent says that the IPhone app Camera + is a great tool to use to take sharp IPhone images and then edit them in all sorts of different ways.

Do you have Springtime photos that could spruce up our photo album?  Feel free to add your own photos by clicking on the "Upload Photos" button above!


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