Metro North Delays Continue

After signal problems caused a massive shut-down last night, Metro North continues to have problems this morning: this time due to the continued cold, officials said. 

The Hudson, Harlem and New Haven lines are experiencing 15-minute delays this morning, Metro North officials said. Announcements are being made at local stations. 

Last evening, thousands of passengers were stranded, either in Grand Central or on commuter trains headed home from New York City. 

Metro North spokeswoman Marjorie Anders. gave this explanation of last night's snafu: 
At 7:45 p.m. power to the computer system that controls all Metro-North train movements was interrupted. 

Rail traffic controllers took the immediate safe course of action and instructed all train engineers, via radio,  to bring their trains to a stop at the first, nearest station. Customers were able to exit the train if they wished. 

If an interlocking was before a station, the train was stopped before entering the interlocking. Signal maintainers were dispatched to those interlockings to take local control so these trains could proceed to the nearest station platform.

All trains had power, and there was heat and light on board. 

Electricians immediately began troubleshooting and began establishing temporary power, which was achieved at about 9:30 p.m.


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