Bronxville Spring Cleaning

The area that the volunteers worked to clean up used to be a place to dump leaves.

People in Bronxville pitched in to help clean up our village's nature preserve. The volunteers are members of the Preserve's Steering Committee, neighbors and friends. Everyone worked together to spruce up the two acre site, which has now been in existence for six years at the corner of Crawford and Archer Road.

The area that the volunteers worked to clean up actually used to be a place to dump leaves. The area is now a place where Bronxvillians can relax and enjoy nature.

There will soon be a map published that will detail the nature preserve's treasures. It will show its canopy, evergreen and ornamental trees. It will also show where you can find its perennials, which have been planted in the butterfly garden. The map is being made by Cornell University Senior Joe Blau. The Preserve's Steering Committee says the garden is named for Vicki Ford. Ford is a former Eastchester councilwoman who has fought for the preserve.

The Preserve's Steering Committee says some of the cleanup effort volunteers included "Gary Reetz, Wright Elliott, John Morris and Carlo Vittorini, who trimmed, pruned and planted forsythia shrubs at the Preserve’s perimeter, while others—Vicki Ford, Bill Fredericks, along with Joe Saad and Brian Redican and their industrious daughters—picked up branches and brambles, tree limbs and litter. Si Ford did some climbing to whisk away an offensive plastic bag stuck at the top of the crab apple tree. He also replaced and repaired three birdhouses."


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