Be On the Lookout, Bronxville: It's Coyote Mating Season

Eastern coyote, from the NYDEC website.
Eastern coyote, from the NYDEC website.
Written by Krista Madsen

Susan Facciola wants to let her neighbors know: there's been a large coyote spotted this morning on Harwood Avenue in Philipse Manor; and to be aware.

Have you seen a coyote lately? Where? Share in the comments below. 

Interestingly, it's actually mating season for the Eastern Coyote, according to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. "During fall, pups become increasingly independent and soon disperse, leaving their natal home ranges to find unoccupied territories," the NYSDEC website states. "Coyote mating season begins in December as coyotes find mates and later breed in January."

Cubs are born in March and April after about a 62 day gestation period.

Coyotes aren't interested in humans, the NYSDEC says, but they are thriving in suburban areas more than ever because of the food we leave out for cats, birds, dogs. 

Coyotes rarely prey on healthy larger animals. 

In late fall and early winter, they are still after small mammals. As winter gets harder and colder, they will increasingly go after white-tailed deer. However they prefer road kill over healthy specimens. Only three percent of deer carcasses the NYSDEC studied pointed to death-by-coyote. Coyotes mostly scavenge carrion, and usually those hit by cars. 

For more information on coyote habits and safety, click here.


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