Westchester Dentist Dr. Sabrina Magid-Katz Shares What to Look for When Choosing a Deaf Friendly Dentist

Dr. Sabrina Magid-Katz
Dr. Sabrina Magid-Katz

In honor of National Deaf History Month, Dr. Sabrina Magid-Katz of Advanced Dentistry of Westchester is spreading awareness throughout Westchester County to help make the community more #deafFriendly.

One way to spread awareness is by rating local businesses on www.deafReview.com.  “The deafReview website is a great way to encourage businesses to consider and accommodate the deaf and hard of hearing population.  Throughout my career, I have made efforts to spread awareness of the Deaf community and educate colleagues about treating deaf and hard of hearing patients.  Technology has also allowed us to take patient care to the next level.  I hope to raise awareness of the challenges and opportunities available through high tech dentistry to the deaf and hard of hearing population,” said Dr. Magid-Katz.

To rate dental practices on www.DeafReview.com and let others know about a practices accommodations for hard of hearing patients, visit http://deafreview.com/deafreview-news/speak-upreview-a-businesscreate-change/.

Dr. Magid-Katz has been committed to addressing the needs of deaf and hard-of-hearing patients throughout her career. During high school, she took American Sign Language courses at the New York School for the Deaf and organized a club to teach her peers and bring students from Byram Hills together with students at NYSD.  At Duke University, she initiated and taught an introductory class on ASL and Deaf culture.  During dental school at University of Pennsylvania and residency at New York Presbyterian-Methodist Hospital she treated deaf patients, taught her classmates, and extended their community outreach to include a school for the deaf for oral health education and dental screenings.

Dr. Magid-Katz recommends that treatment for hard-of-hearing patients must be done with great care.  If you are looking for a deaf friendly dentist, be sure the following is available:

•    Multiple methods of communication

•    Technology to replace the vibration in drills when possible

•    Use of visual aids and intra-oral cameras

•    Good lighting

•    Understanding of the need to remove a mask and remain visible when communicating with lip-reading


Advanced Dentistry of Westchester is sensitive to the challenges faced by the deaf when seeing a dentist. The practice has integrated the most sophisticated means of communication and comfort.

Advanced Dentistry of Westchester offers the following accommodations for deaf and hard-of-hearing patients:

Air Abrasion and lasers- Air abrasion technology and lasers that can often eliminate the use of a drill and the uncomfortable vibration it brings.

Speech-to-text converter- A computer program that converts speech to text on a monitor overhead.  The converter translates Dr. Magid-Katz’s words, which are spoken into a microphone, into text on a monitor above the patient’s chair when lip-reading and sign communication is not possible.

AIM- An (AOL Instant Messenger) account with the screen name DrMagidOffice is one of the methods, along with relay calls and e-mail, used for communication during office hours. When you send the practice an IM, the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Coordinator can make or check on an appointment or answer questions about insurance.  In case of an emergency when the office is closed, deaf patients can reach the doctors directly via text message.

Graphic Communication- Dr. Magid-Katz takes photos before and during procedures and uses nonverbal, graphic explanations to further the communication. 

Lip reading and ASL- The entire staff at Advanced Dentistry of Westchester is familiar with lip reading and the accommodations that need to be made during this form of communication.  They also understand that each patient may have a preferred form of communication that they are comfortable with.  Both Dr. Magid-Katz and Joann, one of the practices hygienists, know sign language.

About Advanced Dentistry of Westchester

Advanced Dentistry of Westchester is equipped to handle the needs of deaf patients.  The consultation area is equipped with non-verbal graphic explanations of all forms of dentistry so that patients can better understand treatment recommendations. To schedule an appointment, visit http://adofw.com/


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