Westchester Dentist Dr. Kenneth Magid Shares Oral Cancer Screening Prevention Techniques

In honor of Oral Cancer Awareness Month this April, Dr. Kenneth Magid of Advanced Dentistry of Westchester shares his top tips to detect oral cancer.

Dr. Kenneth Magid was the first doctor in Westchester County to ever use the Velscope device for HPV and Oral Cancer early detection.  One of the most effective ways to detect early stages of oral cancer is through using the Velscope technology.  The Velscope is a hand-held portable device that can detect changes in the mouth you can’t see with the naked eye. In the dark, the blue light defines the borders of a cancerous lesion that would otherwise be invisible. The device can even find pre-cancerous changes called “dysplasias” before they become cancerous.

“Everyone should be screened for oral cancer on a regular basis.  The first line of defense is having your dentist screen for this. Less then 15% visiting a dentist report having an oral cancer screening. If you find oral cancer early, there is a 90% survival rate. The problem is 66% of oral cancers are found stage 3 or 4,” said Dr. Kenneth Magid.

Dr. Magid recommends being a strong patient advocate for early cancer screening at your next dental visit. In order to detect early cases of oral cancer, be sure utilize the following techniques for prevention:

  • Ask your dentist for oral cancer mouth screening utilizing the latest technology
  • Ask your dentist if they use Velscope device for detection
  • Demand a complete examination using the Velscope every year

While smokers and those who drink alcoholic beverages regularly or those with a past history of cancer are at a higher risk of oral cancer, recent studies have shown a relationship of oral cancer with Human Papilloma Virus. This is the virus that is significant in cervical cancer. Alarmingly, 25% of newly diagnosed cases are appearing in younger adults and even teenagers.

“Make sure to be screened at least once per year for oral cancer. A quick screen might be the life saver you need,” said Dr. Kenneth Magid.

To be screened for oral cancer this April, schedule an appointment at Advanced Dentistry of Westchester today. 


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