KidWX is coming to New York!

New York Parents,

We invite you to “pay it forward” and help other parents in New York!  Do you have a pediatrician you would recommend?  A camp that provided great care for your child?  A school that you LOVE?  KidWX wants to hear from you! 

KidWX is an online information portal for parents and we are expanding to New York! KidWX provides parents with the ability to post and review WX’s (Written eXchanges) from other parents FREE of charge.  KidWX allows parents to have a forum to share experiences about children’s service professionals.  Navigating life with children can be difficult, providing your feedback at www.kidwx.com will allow you to find services you are looking for your children and help other parents read about services for their children.  KidWX is completely ANONYMOUS after you register, parents do not need to worry about being identified in anyway. 

The benefits of KidWX do not end with reviews!  KidWX allows you to keep up on current news and events and post questions to experts.  After selecting the News and Events tab you will be able to access all news and events related to your family needs. 

Should you have any comments or questions please feel free to email KidWX at partners@kidwx.com. 


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